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HOEHN, an instrumental duo consisting of two brothers, Samuel and Silvan Kuntz, have been playing guitar together since an early age, relying heavily on an intuition born of their brotherly bond. Inspired by a road trip through the coastal towns of Portugal, HOEHN wrote their debut album MISTRAL. It's named for the north-westerly wind characteristic of the south of France, with which the two brothers associate beautiful childhood memories from the summer holidays where they first began to play guitar together. As they wrote their first pieces together, they quickly established their musical roles: with trumpet as his first instrument, Samuel's approach to the guitar is that of a melodic instrument while, in contrast, Silvan prefers to experiment with timbres and different guitar tunings, capturing harmonic and percussive layers.
In addition to HOEHN, Samuel and Silvan have formed one half of the  alternative pop band Panda Lux for several years, and more recently Silvan released his first solo EP as San Silvan in collaboration with Sophie Hunger.

Now, on their debut studio album, MISTRAL, HOEHN – whose name is a tribute to their great-grandfather, renowned pianist Alfred Hoehn – combine their technical skills in both classical and jazz guitar with a lifetime’s experience of writing songs together. Whoever attends a concert of HOEHN can look forward to a musical journey that accompanies the listeners to a place where space and air
unfolds to breathe.